About Aidan


Meet Aidan. As the owner, engineer and resident producer of Rainwater Studio, Aidan strives to share his passion for music by working with artists toward the mutual goal of seeing their visions come to life. Having experience in various musical disciplines, from traditional folk and jazz to heavy metal to experimental and electronic, his range of skills as a producer can accommodate the needs of most artists. As a musician himself, Aidan seeks to provide his clients with a warm and enjoyable recording experience, offering professional advice from a more collaborative perspective. Aidan's main interest is to help artists realise their creative potential, and to make some great music in the process.  

Aidan started playing music at 13 years old, and since the age of 15 his greatest love has been playing the bass guitar. In 2010, Aidan graduated with a BA music degree from NUI Maynooth, majoring in Contemporary Art Music Composition. In order to pursue his love for electronic music and music production, he then acquired a postgraduate diploma in Computer Music from NUI Maynooth the following year. It was in this program that Aidan learned most of his initial skills in music production and recording techniques. Aidan now spends his time recording music at his studio in Kilbeggan, and playing bass professionally for bands such as The Fureys, Davey Arthur, and the avant-pop four-piece, Dr. Mindflip. Since building Rainwater Studio in 2014, Aidan is eager to record as much music as possible, and hopes to introduce many fellow musicians to a unique production experience.